About Me – not your stereotypical travel blogger

Not your stereotypical travel blogger, join me as I look to indulge in the intricacies of each journey made and give myself perhaps the best education there is out there.

not your stereotypical travel blogger

There will always be a destination but sometimes the journey there is just as incredible. My love for travel stems from my early years, as my parents inspired a passion I’ve never lost. In those early years, I was not only taken half way around the world and back again but experienced some rather crazy trips across Europe and shared some delightful times in the UK. I am lucky to be blessed with parents whose principles were to educate in life using holidays rather than just relax. Their hard work and dedication to providing me with these lessons will never be forgotten. Their wealth of family and friendships built up on their generosity and kindness gave me so many lessons and opportunities. It’s with these principles that I shape my life, as I look to embed some of their tenets into my own.

As mentioned in some of my meanderings, perhaps I didn’t respect these trips enough as a child. I will always regret not starting a scrapbook / blog as a kid.

The impact and import of the wonderful experiences my parents provided me got slightly lost in the third decade of my life as a failed marriage led to depression, drink and a near death experience.

The healing process was never going to be easy; my life had changed and then there was the realisation that something in life needed to be changed to adapt to the new situation.

This light bulb moment was coupled with and even initiated by the kindness of a crazy old man who not only dragged me up out of my low state but motivated me to embark on what is, perhaps, the trip of my lifetime. It involved a bike, Land’s End, John O’Groats and 1700 miles on a saddle. It was that experience that taught me most about myself, my friends and rekindled my passion for life.

Since that epic cycle ride I haven’t looked back as I have a new addiction to explore and educate. This new path has already taken me on some incredible adventures. I have retraced previous footsteps but also planted many of my own.

Join me as I try to describe and understand the crazy world in which we live.

Share and join these meanderings, you never know what opportunity might lie for you around the corner.